19:11 / 08.09.2016


3,000-year-old Settlement in Eastern Turkey reveals Armenian Traces

14:38 / 04.01.2015

The discovery of a large 3000 year old archaeological settlement in Eastern Turkey has been widely reported in Turkish media, last year. The news has reached international audiences through the English translations from sources such as the Worldbulletin...


Puffer Fish Crop Circle - Deep Sea Beauty (video, photos)

12:39 / 25.11.2014

Forget everything you have heard about those alien made crop circles. This is the real deal, a true love story...


'Aladdin City' is next Dubai Creek project

12:17 / 25.11.2014

A new project is now underway in the middle of Dubai Creek — Aladdin City — as part of the first phase of construction....


Eminem EP «Straight From The Vault» leaks online

16:26 / 04.03.2011

Nine previously unreleased Eminem tracks have been leaked online. The songs were uploaded to an online forum at, reports, and have been grouped together under the title 'Straight From The Vault'.


Miss Teen Arkansas, arrested for public intoxication at the University of Arkansas

15:44 / 26.01.2011

A teary, underage beauty queen has been arrested and busted for public intoxication at a major state university. Mugshot of Megan Burgess, 2010 Miss Arkansas Teen USA winner, after being arrested on Saturday morning by University of Arkansas police and beingcharged with public intoxication


Car was too small for stolen TV

13:48 / 30.12.2010

Authorities in California said a trio of would-be TV thieves were foiled by the small size of their intended getaway car.


Resident of Florida tried to exchange her son with a car

12:18 / 12.11.2010

22-year-old resident of Florida Stephanie Bigby Fleming tried to sell her son to buy a car, reports Reuters.

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