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Ara Sargsyan and Hakob Kojoyan Museum

Ara Sargsyan and Hakob Kojoyan Museum was founded in 1973. Since 1934 until the creation of the museum  Ara Sargsyan and Hakob Kojoyan lived and created here.
Museum collection of the Museum as belonging to both family owned art works.
Museum guarantee the existence of an important creative artists in the preservation of heritage, scientific research and propaganda.
Ara Sargsyan was born on April 7 in 1902 in a village Macri. In 1914 they moved to Kostandnapolis. From 1919 to 1921  studied at the Art's School. From 1921 to 1924  studied at the Vienna Academy of Arts. Since 1925 he has  lived in Armenia devoting his life to his people. Ara Sarkissian died in 1969 on  13 June  in Yerevan.
  Works separated by genre diversity, thematic, composition, machine,monumental and memorial. Sculptor skilfully has  managed a variety of materials: wood, marble,  brazen, basalt, granite, etc.

A. Sargsyan’s museum presents about two decade scenic typographical arrangements, drawings, graphic pages.
The collection consists of personal items sculptor, part of them on display in the master closet, tools, photographs, the museum preserves the heritage, correspondence, speeches, unpublished plays etc. Many pocketbooks  and albums represents his studies and records, drawings and sketches.

In a  small garden of the museum are shown “ Hiroshima “(1957) and “Mother Armenia” (1968) monumental sculptures.

 A. Sargsyan was a great artist who was  interested in architecture and sculpture synthesis problems, which reflects the example of Alexander Spendiarian and Hovhannes Tumanyan monuments and projects of Sahak  Partev and  Mesrop Mashtots.

These ideas preliminary sketches, drawings and sculpture are preserved in the museum as well as are displayed.

Hakob Kojoyan was born in 1883 on December 13, in Akhaltsikha. The family has moved to Vladikavkaz,and he has  studied at the school of Ossetian Painter in 1890.In  1900 he has  left for Moscow  where he has attended Prusov’s studio acquiring  new material technology secrets. From 1901 to 1907 studied in  the Munich art studio and Anton Ashbe’s Academy of Arts. In 1907he has  left for Paris for improveing. In 1918 transferred to Yerevan and in the end of his life he lived and worked in the homeland. Hakob Kojoyan died on April 24, in  1959 in Yerevan.

The museum presents
H. Kojoayni techniques are rich and varied. They are watercolour, rates, encaustic, flourish, xylography.
The canvas “Sasuntsi David” is an excellent example of monumental painting, which expresses the collective power of people, patriotism. Many times referring to Sasuntsi David image H. Kojoyan has shaped

In “Sasuntsi David“ opera, he expressed monumental painting and modern style elements.
Ara Sargsyan and Hakob Kojoyan are the greatest faces of XX century whose art has maintained  its relevance.

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Yerevan state, Pushkin ave.70 (General Church of the Holy yard)
Tel: (37410) 561160

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