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Hovhannes Sharambeyan folk art museum

    Hovhannes Sharambeyan folk art museum is a unique centre of culture where specimens of armenian decorative and applied art are preserved and displayed.
    The process of collecting was started in 1930s by a small group of enthusiasts led by an ethnographer Habetnak Babayan. The works proceeded by advice of  famous artists Martiros Saryan, Hakob Kodjoyan,Gabriel Gyurdjyan. They have done immense work to enrich the collection with unique items  of folk art. By the efforts of these artists the house of popular creation was established. Later on, in 1978, on this base the state museum of folk art was founded.
     The exhibits are property of  national culture. They tell us much about the experience achieved by the people during the centuries, they give wide idea about different period of popular art's development.
     The collection includes 12.000 exhibits of wood and metal /jewelry/ carving, embroidery, stone carving, articles of ceramics, rugs, carpets, paintings.
     In 1979 in the city of Dilijan the branch of the folk art museum was opened.
      The house was built in 1896. It belonged to the well-known public person, chairity monger princess Mariam Tumanyan. The branch was opened on initiative of the latter resident of the house Hovhannes Sharambeyan.
      The collection is constantly being enriched by purchase and donations from armenians living abroad.
      The museum pays great attention to the development and propaganda of traditional crafts. From time to time the exhibitions are hold only in Armenia but in foreign countries as well, including temporary works and samples from the museum’s funds. The exclusive samples have been displayed in many countries - Italy, France, Belgium, Portugal, Greece, Germany, India, Norway, Yemen, Mozambique, Tunicia,Syria.

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