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Happy Family Discount card

International project

1. ""Happy Family" students-relatives" is a card for students, which will give students opportunity to help themselves from our more than 300 hundred shops and doing cash payments from our service centers and also can pay online saving considerable amount and time.
2. The student accumulated points from cash bargain, which can change into money in the card. The amount of accumulated units can use in the program including shops and service centers and also transfer the education payment.
3. ""Happy Family" students-relatives" is a universal card which can enclose the cards points which is the students’ relatives cards which will give opportunity to replenish the students bonus system for paying the students’ education payment.

The program has touchy history. The founder Miss Marine has grown her unique daughter who entered Business Academy and stayed out of University in the fourth course because of less money. These emotions have played great part in that her daughter and other children will not have these problems in the future and provide them. it give the young their most concerning answers. If each of us will invest, we will help to grow clever and educated generation who will be the creator of developing countries.


Business-advertising magazine is launched  from 2008, includes high-quality brands of Armenia. It  is not for a sale, extends in the planes, high-quality hotel complexes, recreational areas, high-quality spa facilities.

Cooperation Suggestion

Our cooperation has very easy program, we give You  customers, You give us cash back from each fee.
We present You “Happy Family” project‘s thesises.

1.    We advice You  cooperation  between Your company and our project, which will give chance for our card holders (in this moment we have 4.300 cardholders,37.000 student-relative registered cards are in the processes of preparing)can help themselves from Your company servings, discounts and high sales, doing charges on hand, cashing bonuses in their cards.
2.    Your company give us cashes from each fee, which prices is fixed in contract.
3.    The cooperation is signed for one year (in the future You can enlarge the contract)
4.    We put program in your computer which will give chance to put in to the cards number and whole paid money, by which automatic the bonus price will be calculated by the appearance of money.
5.    Each done contract is strong secret and is not published for others.
6.    Your company may pay 30.000 AMD for joining our project, from which 10.000 AMD is for signing the contract and other questions and 20.000amd is your deposit.
7.    Our informational webpage will make mini-page about Your company, which will inform about Your services, suggestions, the prices to our card holders. The items will be puted into our web page by your approvement  for security, after which will be  available for everybody.
8.    You can arrange a meeting to discuss important details we us.



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